martes, 7 de agosto de 2007

Inca Roads Video - Frank Zappa

Hi folks... here you have a video of the song Inca Roads. This song is one of my favorites and probably one of the masterpieces of Frank.
It´s from the album One Size Fits All (1975). The track listing of this album is...

"Inca Roads" – 8:45
"Can't Afford No Shoes" – 2:38
"Sofa No. 1" – 2:39
Po-Jama People" – 7:39
"Florentine Pogen" – 5:27
"Evelyn, a Modified Dog" – 1:04
"San Ber'dino" – 5:57
Andy" – 6:04
"Sofa No. 2" – 2:42

I ´ve also uploaded the file in rapidshare...
The file format is flv you .. you need a software that you can download for free here .

As you can see part of the video is a cool animation... it was released by Bruce Bickford.


lunes, 6 de agosto de 2007

First Post on Frank Zappa Fan´s Site

I´m a Zappa fan... I think I´am very open minded as far as music is concern but sometimes there is nothing I can listen to... but Zappa. Sorry for my english ... it´s not my mother tongue, it´s make this way with the intention of reaching more people. Feel free of commenting in your own language.
Well... the purpouses of this blog are many: tribute Frank Zappa, share between fans and increase the number, and to spread his music all over the web.


Soy un fan de Zappa.... la verdad es que soy bastante abierto para la música pero hay veces en que no puedo escuchar otra cosa que no sea Zappa. En su mayor parte este blog está escrito en inglés con la intención de alcanzar la mayor cantidad de posible de gente.... pero no hay problema en que cada uno comente en su propio idioma.
Los propósitos de este blog son varios: realizar un tributo a Frank Zappa, compartir entre fans y que cada vez seamos más, y difundir su música en la red.